Le Challenge: my premiere

This will be my very first time in taking part in Le Challenge which started in March 2013. That long ago! So better a late start than never to start at all. The theme this month was round. An easy one to get me going.
I made 2 large 9″ hotpads for a friend who doesn’t like cooking and loves horse riding. The fabric is from an old line called West Hill by Heater Ross for Free Spirit, for those who want to know these details.


I’ll be linking up at LeChallenge today and will keep my fingers crossed; join in and have a chance to win too!
Or at least have a look at the link up to see what the others have made here.
Now you can cuddle up with your loved one, even if it’s your cat, and have a happy Valentine’s Day …


11 thoughts on “Le Challenge: my premiere”

  1. It’s always tricky to time what you are doing with the Le Challenge themes, but really fun when you can. I’m not a frequent flyer, but find it fun.

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  2. Absolutely love the fabric you have used for your hot pads. I really need to make some of these as they are so handy. Well done on your first link in to Le Challenge.

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